Vehicle Service Contracts

Vehicle Service Contracts are a great way for vehicle owners to keep one of their biggest investments in top working condition. It’s also one way buyers can protect themselves from the added costs of any unexpected repairs. With the advanced technology in today’s vehicles, repairs can be costly and are often unpredictable. A Vehicle Service Contract can help protect you against unexpected repair costs and significant out-of-pocket expenses that may be required after your manufacturer's warranty has expired. Envision Motors Vehicle Service Contracts are available in several mileage/term combinations and coverage levels to meet your budget and specific needs. Costs depend on the type of vehicle you lease or purchase, how many miles are on the vehicle’s odometer at that point in time, the kind of repairs that the service contract covers, and the number of years or miles the contract covers before it expires. Your options may vary, so ensure you find the right vehicle service Contract to fill your individual needs by speaking with your business manager.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

When a vehicle is declared a total loss, the primary auto insurance settlement is generally based on the market value of the vehicle. This amount may be substantially less than the balance due on the vehicle. The financial gap remaining is a difference that you must pay. If you have an incident where your car is declared totaled and you still owe more on your finance or lease contract, GAP can lessen or even eliminate your remaining balance, including your insurance deductible in most states. GAP is best for drivers who are looking for added security against unforeseen circumstances such as theft, fire, total loss, or natural disasters.

Tire and Wheel Protection

Protect your tires and wheels from the hazards of the road. No matter how carefully you drive, inevitably you will encounter glass, nails, debris, pesky potholes and other road hazards that can leave you with a tire or wheel in need of repair, or possibly replacement. With comprehensive Tire & Wheel Protection, you can travel the roads with a peace of mind knowing that your tires and wheels will be covered in the event of damage from eligible road hazards, and emergency roadside assistance is available when you need it.

Appearance Protection With Key Coverage (Eco-Bloc) -Standard on every vehicle

nterior and Exterior Protection means added value for your vehicle. Exterior Protection products are designed to protect your vehicle's exterior from such elements as acid rain, bird waste, tree sap and other contaminants that can damage the surface of your vehicle. Interior protection products protect your vehicle's fabric, leather or vinyl from damage caused by food and beverage stains, fading and discoloration from the sun's ultra-violet rays. Vehicle appearance protection products can help keep your vehicle looking beautiful inside and out.

Key Protection

Most modern vehicles are now operated using electronic keys which are programed to correspond with codes located in the vehicle’s ignition. Replacing these new keys, FOBs and remotes when they are lost, stolen or destroyed can be costly. Key replacement programs often provide you with a replacement key, cover programming costs for missing or damaged key and may even provide roadside assistance and lock-out service.

Cosmetic Wheel Repair

Protects your wheels from road hazards and scrapes including curb damage. Our process will repair or replace your rims for covered repairs enabling you to maintain the vehicles value and enhancing its overall appearance. All wheel types are covered under our plan, including aftermarket rims. If the process cannot repair your rim Envision motors will replace the damaged wheel with a new one*.(*must follow the claims guidelines)

Windshield Protection

Small chips and cracks can ruin your vehicle’s windshield. A damaged windshield can deteriorate over time, it can also interfere with vehicle safety and the performance of airbags. No more filing insurance claims or paying deductibles for windshield repairs or replacement. Windshield repair will take care of minor chips and cracks to increase the stability of your windshield. If the Windshield cannot be repaired or the crack effects the integrity of the windshield this product will replaces that windshield.

Paintless Dent Repair

Frustrated by annoying dings and dents on your vehicle? Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) eases your frustrating by providing a service that will take out these items caused by such things as neighbor’s car doors, shopping carts, stray baseballs, or any other items that might leave a dent to your vehicle.This process allows your dealerships repair technician the ability to safely “pull out” these dents without affecting the integrity of the paint. Make all dents a thing of the past with Envision PDR and maintain your vehicles value.

Lease End Protection

Lease End Protect is a program for leased vehicles designed to provide coverage for certain wear and tear charges listed on the vehicle inspection report when the customer returns the vehicle at the end of a lease. Our Lease End Protection will waive a pre-determined dollar amount for excess wear to these items up to 3 months after turning in your lease. *(certain lease restrictions apply-see a qualified Envision Business Manager for details)

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